Who wants to save Africa? Looking for superheroes!

Yeah let’s do it! After all it’s been years and years that we keep on trying. Maybe it’s time to call the right people?

Who could it be? We’re trying and trying to bring more NGO, more funds, more businesses to keep on proving that the solution should come from above, or from the outside world. Try to fix a broken engine saying:

“Hmm the help we try to provide doesn’t work… maybe we should try to be more efficient, maybe we should organize ourselves better, maybe we should use different tools, maybe we should use more money, or less money…”

Maybe we should try to… leave them alone?

African are not babies that need to be fed all the time. Even for your children, you let them learn to walk by themselves.

“Are you crazy! They will never survive, it will be an endless warzone, dictatorship, women will be raped, hunger all over the place”.

Alright let’s talk about “République Démocratique du Congo”. A wonderful country, so rich, they have it all. Gold, Coltan, Forest,…. You name it.

It’s been years and years that they received tones of help, “civil protection”, foreign military intrusion to destroy dictators, money, free food…. Well I don’t see any difference. Congo is still one of the poorest country on Earth. What should we do then?

Call the real superheroes.

“Cut your bullshit I’m not calling Superman!”

Neither do I! I’m talking about men and women that are having a real impact right now!

I’m calling the social entrepreneurs.

“Woman you’re killing me! What are you talking about?”

I’m glad you ask! (No I don’t have schizophrenia, I just like the Idea to have a great conversation with myself)

It’s easy, just like all superheroes the have an awesome story:

First they are all born in African countries, or in the diaspora overseas.

Second, at one point, they realize how fucked up the situation is. It could be related to water, solar, education, environment, human rights,… the list is endless. But instead of saying “oh well that’s just always been that way… What do you want kiddo?”

Third: here comes the power.

They say: “I’m sick and tired of this shit! I will not rest until I find a solution!!” Remember the scene, when Peter Parker’s being hit by a spider, and then become Spiderman?! Well that’s the same case scenario. From a nobody they become social entrepreneur.

Finally: they are relentless.

They start to bring some innovating ideas to solve problem in their neighborhood, countries,… They are changing the game.

However, as every superheroes: you can’t tell who are they! They are just like everyone else. They eat like us, they drink like us, they sleep like us, and they shit like us.

Nevertheless, when you’re trying to figure out how to save Africa, they are doing it.

So you can join the movement by supporting them, or keep on praying for Superman to come along.

Claudia — CEO

@FisherGet Inspired