How could we change the world? #2 : By realizing that we are all bounded to each other.

I don’t know if you’ve ever heard about the African concept of Ubuntu made popular by Edmond Tutu?

It means : I am because we are. Yes there is individual, leaving their own life, but all of that is made possible because there is the rest of us… When we loose that sense of community and interconnection the worst happens.

As I don’t recognize you as someone worthy of my love, I don’t give a f***. But sadly it could go even further…


We could talk about the genocide that took place in Rwanda back in 94’. When people forget that we are all part of something greater, of a community of brothers and sisters… it could end up pretty bad.

However for the one who decided to think differently, the best could happen!

Let me give you the example of Florida Mukarubuga.


Florida is a Rwandese woman who decided at one point to not let her Rwandese sisters by herself. She saw, she felt the unbalanced situation in her country after the genocide, and she found a solution quite exceptional to impact women’s lives.

Florida and the Amizero association, have created many projects to empower women, the most impactful was the one of starting a company that was given job to women by producing and selling green energy.

What about you? Can you feel (the love tonight) that we’re all connected? Do you feel concerned by the troubles in your neighborhood, your city, your country?

At the end of the day the only thing that truly matters is to realize that You are, because We are!

Claudia — CEO