Maybe it is just the first time that we meet. I’m pretty sure you’ve never heard of us before.

Who can blame you? We are just getting started with our new project.

Basically… we just want to change the world.

That’s being said, I would love to introduce you to our Manifesto.

We believe we are all co-author of one story.

We have decided we will become the main character of that story.

We want to inspirit the youth of the world to do the same.

Because if we start to believe it, our Story will become extraordinary.

We don’t believe in fatalist observation.

As we see each social issue is an occasion to realize ourselves and changing the status quo!

With a great cocktail of ambition, humility and an awesome team the impossible become possible. We believe that we need to change the game!

“We don’t solve a problem with the same thinking that has created it in the first place” — A. Einstein

We believe our job is to spread the news.


What the point to do what we do, if it’s not to change the World?

We are leading the war to change the world, with different weapons (obviously), but with the same horizon.

Stay tuned to see how we’re going to do it, we would love to interact and talk about those challenges.

Hey! Don’t forget!

Get Involved — Same Fight, different weapons!

Have a good week,

Claudia — CEO

@FisherGet Inspired