How could we change the world ?


How could we change the world? #1: By waking up your inner heroes.

Wait that is not another motivational talk, where I’ll tell you how you should wake up at 5am, do some yoga then some exercise while listening to some guru… Or using “The eyes of the tiger” 🐅 as your news ringtone…

I wanted to talk to you about the real deal!

Let me give you an example!


Do you know this beautiful face? Her name is Sakena Yacoobi. While Talibans were forbidden school to girls, she started open new one, in secret, for them, then for boys, then for thousand of young people. 📖📚

You can find more of her inspiring story in her TED talk → 💡

She wasn’t someone extraordinary, she wasn’t better than you and me. The only thing is that she saw something in her society that she could stand anymore! So she chose not to just post something on Facebook or an angry tweet … She decided to find a solution. Not even the perfect one right away… that’s impossible. But she decided to from there and fight against this Injustice!!

I truly love this woman!!

I hope she will give you the inspiration to do the same!

Do not leave your inner heroes asleep!! It is time for him/her to do something, the world needs it!

Claudia — CEO

@FisherGet Inspired